Mistake 9: Not Getting Credit for Prior Training or Experience

Have you taken any prior classes or completed military training that qualifies you for ACE credits?

If you've completed any military or workforce training that qualifies for ACE credits, you can receive a transcript to verify your credit recommendations to present to your college. 

Over 2,000 colleges and universities in the U.S. accept ACE credits, and it is included as a factor in College Factual's rankings for veterans. Schools that have pledged to accept ACE credits will analyze your transcript and make a decision about what credits they will accept and which they may not. Each school has discretion to set its own policies on credits. You can contact the admissions office for specific questions about a particular class or credit you would like to transfer.

What if a College Won't Accept my ACE Credits?

There is usually a process at most colleges to appeal any transfer credit acceptance decision. If you can convince the school that your previous class is similar enough to a class at their school you can often get them to change their decision.

Spending an hour or so doing that can save an entire semester's worth of work and money.

Learn more about ACE credits here.

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