Mistake 7: Choosing a Major Based on Experience, and Not Strengths

You may have loved what you did in the military, you may have merely tolerated it. Either way, your options are much more vast than simply choosing the closest fit to what you already  have experience in.

Pursuing an education is your chance to start over if you'd like one, or to dig deeper into a subject you've barely scratched the surface of. 

Students see the most success in college when they choose a major they are passionate about, and that suits their natural strengths and abilities. Studies show that students who choose the right major get better grades and are also more likely to graduate on time.

Discovering Your Best Fit Major

To get started finding your natural strengths and the majors that fit them best, try Majors Matcher. This tool will identify a pool of majors perfect for you, as well as the colleges that rank highest in those majors, and insight into your personality and best operate in an academic setting.