Mistake 4: Not Considering All of Your Online Options

When one thinks of earning an online degree, some of the big-name online providers may slip into their minds which includes schools like the University of Phoenix.

However, online degrees are much more common today than they were in the past, and there's no reason for you to choose a school that provides solely online degrees. 

Here are just a few of the places where you can earn an online degree:

Take Advantage of New Technology & Methods

In order to be the most effective, online classes should include a range of media to teach including videos, written text, audio recordings, tests, interactive learning games, video chats, blogging or participating in forums. 

If you are concerned that a purely online degree may be challenging for you, consider hybrid programs that integrate online courses with some in-classroom or in-person meetings.This could look like a local university that has students come in for one class a week or a month, or a local organization that has a group of students all take an online course together in one location.

Online classes can be taken on your desktop, smartphone or tablet. Consider taking a few free classes from a MOOC provider if you want to explore this option without committing to it yet.

 Choose a Solid Program

When you are ready to commit to an online degree, choose one that is from an accredited institution (preferably regionally accredited). Make sure that you can complete the degree without taking on unnecessary debt. And ask about the success rate of the graduates from the programs. 

If you are getting a certification or a degree for a very specific field, double-check to make sure the degree you receive will actually prepare you for that field without any additional schooling or experience. Some examples of this are nursing programs. In order to actually become licensed as a nurse you must complete a certain amount of clinical hours (on-site experience in a health care facility). If your online program doesn't offer that, beware! You will have to gain this experience on your own which could be difficult or nearly impossible!