Mistake 2: Not Considering Private Universities

Many students, veterans included, shy away from attending a private school because they consider it to be too expensive or perhaps too difficult to get into. This is actually not the case.

Are private schools really more expensive?

While public schools are often thought to be more affordable, the are also typically operating on a more limited budget and their financial aid options are limited. There have been reports of public schools that limit the amount of in-state students they can accept because encouraging out-of-state or international students to enroll means the school gets more in tuition dollars.

Private schools may report higher sticker prices than public schools, but few students pay full price. These schools often have very generous financial aid packages or large scholarships to offer to needy students who would be a great fit for them. 

Check out this list to see schools that are need blind (do not consider the financial need of a student when viewing their application). You'll see many of the most prestigious private schools in the country are able to meet the full need of students.

Are private schools difficult to get into?

A growing number of schools are dropping SAT test results as a requirement for entrance. This includes some highly ranked private schools like George Washington University and Wake Forest University.

In addition, many schools are seeking to boost the amount of veterans studying at their institution and will likely look favorably on your military experience.

Bottom line: don't automatically discount a top-tier school due to fears of not getting in or not being able to afford it. You may be surprised.